Aston Villa: 8-0 To The Billionaires, What Else Did You Expect?

So my Aston Villa boys lost 8-0, who cares, do I hate the players? No I hate the money obsessed, soulless Premier League.
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There was a time when I would have been mortified if the Villa lost 8-0.

My dinner would be left untouched, my Mrs would get the “you just don’t understand” treatment and Nasty Steve might even make an appearance if I had enough money to hit the spirits.

And if I’d been at a game that we lost 8-0 I’d be the first to sing “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” and probably call for the manager and chairman to resign.

I still would be stewing over a humiliating defeat days after match.

Not now though, I might have even laughed when the eighth goal went in and jumped around the pub in ironic glee when Guzan saved a penalty.

I don’t blame our young squad for capitulating against a team of vastly better players.

That Villa team on Sunday cost around £20m to assemble. Which is worth about one limb of Fernando Torres.

A team that cost over £500m beat a team that cost £20m - there is nothing amazing about that, it is what they should do.

I am not going to get upset about that am I? I understand simple maths and I understand money. What happens on the pitch in the Premier League is down to cold hard cash, nothing else.

At the start of the season just draw up a money table based on what teams’ spend on transfers and more importantly on wages and then compare it to what happens on the pitch on the season

Of course every so often teams like Newcastle, Tottenham and Everton will have great seasons and everyone pats them on the head for doing well until about March when it comes down to the size of the squad.

Great clubs like Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Tottenham and Liverpool start every season knowing they have no chance of winning the league this year, the next or maybe ever.


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How can that be good for the league? How long before people get sick of paying high prices for no glory?

The only chance clubs like Villa etc of winning the league is to be bought buy a gazzilionaire. Not a billionaire, they are ten a penny now, it has to be a foreign billionaire, probably fossil fuel based who have questionable attitudes to women and human rights.

And the new financial fair play rules now probably put these types off transforming mid-table clubs, so we are stuck with the usual suspects at the top of the table for years to come.

The Premier League is an awful league. It is not the best in the world, the rest of the world might enjoy it when the top players produce a glorious match but it does not paper over the cracks.

Many abroad feel the people who run the English game have sold our game’s soul for money.

Take away the foreign money and the foreign players and what is left? An empty husk of a league which produces homegrown players who are not equipped with the skill or technique to compete on the world stage.

And that is not just my view, buried in the early hours of Saturday morning on World Service the World Football program carried an interview with Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen. In a scathing critique of the money mad Premier League his words would probably melt Sky Sport’s cameras if they ever dared to show something as honest as that, because it is like the Emperor’s Clothes, the Premier League is crap.

And now more people are saying it. We know it is crap for fans. We’ve known that for years.

Just look at the German League. They have the 50 per cent plus one rule which prevents their clubs being sold to the highest bidder like multinationals snapping up tampon brands.

Prices are kept low and teams can mount a challenge for the title if they make the right decisions on and off the pitch.

Back in the Premier League what is a club like Aston Villa supposed to do? Bankrupt the club and spend £300m or £400m to challenge for fourth.

Fourth, since when has coming fourth in anything being something to celebrate? There is not even a medal in the Olympics for fourth. The only race of the year that pays out on fourth place is the Grand National.

What glory is in fourth? None just a chance to start playing qualifiers for the Champions League about an hour after the end of the season and more games to play. I love the Aston Villa because it is in my DNA, my nan and granddad met queuing for tickets in the 1930s and I’m from Perry Barr, within earshot of the Hotle End roar.

Most my mates are Villa and if we get to the Capital Cup final then I’ll have a blinding time with them in London. For me that’s is what football is about.

So my Aston Villa boys lost 8-0, who cares, do I hate the players? No I hate the game.