Aston Villa And Liverpool Fans Go Nuts As They Get Trolled By Man City Pair

Snakes on a plane.
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A footballer posting a photo of himself and a club colleague going away together on international duty, may seem like a perfectly innocent act.

Normally it would be, but Raheem Sterling found a way to enrage a large number of online  football fans. Posing with his Manchester City teammate Fabian Delph, Sterling posted a picture of them on board a plane en-route to San Marino and added emojis of two snakes and a plane to the caption.

The duo have been labelled as 'snakes' by fans of Aston Villa and Liverpool for their controversial moves to City this summer. Sterling used the emojis to reference the film Snakes On A Plane  and much like the 2006 movie it wasn't anywhere near as funny as the writer had hoped it might be.


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