Aston Villa: Lambert Is Mental & Hates Midfielders But I Still Love Him

Lambert might seem like he's got his head screwed on but after a few crazy substitutions against Newcastle - and leaving us with virtually no midfield - you have to wonder...
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Aston Villa: Lambert's Mental & Hates Midfielders But I Still Love Him

I bet Paul Lambert's house is a great place to visit – especially if you're a kid.

During one of his “bonkers phases” I'm guessing he ripped out the stairs and replaced them with a fireman's pole or a water slide. Like his attitude to the midfield he probably thought the stairs were a bit boring and decided to get rid.

He comes across as an extremely serious man but his substitutes show every so often he goes bonkers - his inner clown wins the day. Against Newcastle we played the last quarter of the game with four strikers and virtually no midfield.

Fabian Delph is our best midfielder by a country mile but even he cant do it all by himself. For parts of the game he did not have a Villa shirt within 20 yards of him.

It was just like the end of the semi-final of the League Cup against Bradford last season it was just a case of lumping the ball up to four strikers who spent half the time getting in each others way.

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I can understand throwing on the strikers if there are five minutes to go but not with more than 15 minutes to go. Newcastle could not believe their luck, we did not even muster a decent attack in the closing stages of the game.

However, I'm not knocking Lambert, I like him, he is doing a great job in an awful league and for better or for worse he is not boring.

Between John Gregory and Martin O'Neill Villa fans had over a decade of two managers who were awful with substitutes. The only plan B both managers had was hoping the 11 players they started with would get a second wind.

Villa fans always moan about managers having “no plan B” but Lambert has plans A, B, C and probably D – he probably has a cunning plan when all the players start singing in unison to put off the opposition. Wether is plans are any good is up for debate but at least he is not afraid to change things when we are losing.

Though yesterday was pretty rubbish these days you very rarely get a boring game down the Villa, our home record is a problem but it will be our away form which will save our season.

Gabby did not have the best of his games, I did not think the object of so many young women's fury after nobbling that One Direction fella would bother him after all his love life must have given him enough earache over the years.

He spooned a golden chance which was laid on a plate for him by Weimann who also had a quiet game and needs a big performance soon to spark his season alive.

Fan favourite Tony Moon had his worst game in a Villa shirt too as we did not have any wingers for most of the game we could have done with some decent crosses.

Bringing Ciaran Clarke back into defence showed how important our Danish beast Okore will be for us this season – his all action approach is great.

After three impressive performances at the start of the season this was a stinker in the game everyone expected to win, Newcastle packed the midfield and it worked well against our gung-ho manager's tactics.

The best thing about the Villa yesterday was that we did not have to watch the game in the driving rain but as the dark nights draw in and the wind start to bite Villa need to start to learn how to win ugly or we will be flirting with the bottom three again.

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