Aston Villa Vs Manchester City: Lambert's Landmark Lime Green Victory

Last night, sporting a bonkers away shirt, Aston Villa showed their fans that they were not about to surrender cup competitions to Manchester City any more...


Aston Villa Vs Manchester City: Lambert's Landmark Lime Green Victory

This was the game that no-one wanted to watch. The Manchester City fans couldn't be bothered and for the first time for a game involving Premier League teams there was not a stream anywhere on the internet. It comes to something when even the internet cant be bothered with a game.

I did not go after avowing never to step foot in the Eastlands after getting drenched seeing us concede seven goals in two matches and then thrown out for having a crafty fag to calm my anger of watching us being destroyed.

But it appears we were all wrong because football and more importantly the Villa had other ideas. Our team decided we did not have to surrender before or during the game against the billionaires of Manchester.

Gabby became an asset again, Delph fulfilled his potential and the Zog even scored. And that is not even mentioning our former captain marvel giving us a bit of charity and scoring a wonderful own goal, it was a bit like when you get your ex some concert tickets two years after running off with her sister.

Tt was the re-awakening of Gabby that will excite fans the most

Balotelli was always going to score first, he always does against us, but it was the re-awakening of Gabby that will excite fans the most. He is the only striker we have had in decades that scores regularly in big games against the top four and in derbies. But he has gone missing for two years, he needs a hug this fella, but perhaps previous managers have been scared to get close in case he impregnates them.

He has been played as a winger and midfielder, in the hole and almost anywhere but his proper position, hopefully Lambert will realise he is best up front, whether on his own or with a partner. Lambert must know getting Gabby back to his best will be like getting a multi-million million pound England striker we can not afford to buy. His pace is still electric and if directed properly can do the job on the pitch as well as he does on the job off the pitch.

Everyone likes a local boy in the team, especially in these days of teams of players from all corners of the world, but Villa being Villa Gabby has obviously come in for grief by our fans but hopefully this will be a turning point for him.

Lambert thankfully decided that actually winning a cup is important

Delph played a blinder too, we need his bite in our midfield and if he can stay injury free it would be great for the club if he becomes the player he could be, after all he was being touted as the next England dynamo when we bought him.

Houllier surrendering before we played Man City in the FA Cup on the telly was one of the worse decisions in our history but Lambert thankfully decided that actually winning a cup is important.

We can not get near the top four of the league, and probably wont for years to come due to the money dominated Premier League, so the two cup competitions are the only chance we have of actually winning something which, after all, is what football should be all about.

This victory is the first landmark win of Lambert's Villa career, every manager needs one and I am delighted Lambert has done it, and our bonkers lime green colours too.

It is just a shame not many people got to see it!

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