Ballon D'Oh 2011: Newcastle's Bumbling Idiot Mike Ashley

Third in the league, unbeaten in 11 games and the fans seemingly onside. Only Mike Ashley would then change the stadium name and kill the goodwill...
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One day someone will write the definitive text on how not to do football-club PR and, it will focus very heavily on Mike Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle United.

It’s seems the big fella just can’t himself, like he’s spoiling for a fight.  Newcastle fans are a, er, special breed and just as he was starting to win them around again he has to do something that we all know will wind up them up.

Gone are the heady days of his arrival when he swept into to town, saw off Fat Freddie and saved the club from financial melt-down.  Whether he was standing among the masses at the Coliseum or buying drinks for everyone at Blu Bambu he was emperor of all he surveyed.

He even brought back Special K.  And then he threw it all away by hiring Dennis Wise as Football director and so Keegan felt compelled to resign.  Again.

Things were never the same and Ashley lurched from Joe ‘F***ing’ Kinnear to relegation.  He even laughably tried to rename the ground James’ Park.

But despite all that the club is now in a healthy financial position and, astonishingly, sits third in the Premier League, unbeaten after its best start to a season since 1996.

So what does Fat Mike do?  One of the few things left he can that is guaranteed to enrage the locals and undermine any hope he has of getting back in their good books; he renames St James’ Park the Sports Direct Arena.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

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