Ballon D'Oh Nominations 2011: Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston

Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston took his Dan Brown devotion to dimwitted proportions with a 9/11 Twitter rant.
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Nathan Eccleston was a little known Liverpool reserve striker until he unleashed on to the world his dim-witted theories on 9/11 via Twitter. Then everyone knew who he was. And what he was...

In early September Nathan Eccleston was a relatively unknown striker, plying his trade for Liverpool reserves. By the middle of September, Eccleston had made the headlines, not for his goalscoring prowess or footballing ability, but for signalling his intention to become the heir apparent to ex-footballing wacko David Icke. Eccleston made the following comments on Twitter - "I ain't going to say attack don't let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it. #OTIS." This caused LFC to issue a statement advising Eccleston the club took his comments seriously and would be launching a formal investigation.

The acronym OTIS stands for ‘Only The Illuminati Succeed’, and the reference suggests to me that Eccleston has either recently read Dan Brown’s dirge-tastic novel ‘Angels and Demons’, or watched the awful movie version starring Tom Hanks and Ewan ‘I used to be a good actor’ McGregor.

Eccleston has yet to clarify his comments and so, sadly, we will have to wait to see which nefarious Premier League figures are actually shape shifting alien reptilians, or what his views on the Kennedy assassination are. I will be waiting with baited breath and wearing a commemorative Nathan and Dave tin foil hat.

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