11 Best World Cup Commentaries

Wolstenholme is in there twice, Motson just the once but, bizarrely, there's no Chris Kamara. Take a look at these football commentators gems and get in the mood for a brilliant summer of World Cup football.
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1. “Yippee!”

Kenneth Wolstenholme is chuffed as Bobby Charlton’s thunderous strike breaks the deadlock against Mexico in the 1966 group game

2. “Here’s Hurst. Can he make it three? He has, he has!”

Hugh Johns less famous reaction to that goal in ’66 was broadcast on ITV

3.“It's only twelve inches high, it is solid gold and it means England are the World Champions."

Kenneth Wolstenholme, 1966

4. “Rivelino… watch Pele now… what a beautiful goal from Pele! El Rai Pele!”

Johns again, getting it just right as Brazil go 1-0 up in the 1970 final

5. “Maradona, turns like a little eel, he comes away from trouble, little squat man… comes inside Butcher and leaves him for dead, outside Fenwick and leaves him for dead, and puts the ball away... and that is why Maradona is the greatest player in the world.”

Bryon Butler

6. “I’m sorry for my mate Berti, because the way his players are punishing the ball will give him a gastric ulcer. They are footballing dwarves.”

Paul Breitner didn’t fancy Berti Vogts’ Scotland for World Cup 2002 qualification

7. “Alongside me is Keggy Keegle. Sorry, Kevin Keegle.”

Brian Moore gets in a muddle

8. “You're not just getting international football. You're getting world football.”

Keegan shows his grasp of the tournament

9. “I think this could be our best victory over Germany since the war.”

An unfortunate turn of phrase from John Motson after England 5, Germany 1

10. “The news from Guadalajara, where the temperature is 96 degrees, is that Falcao is warming up."

Brian Moore, Mexico ‘86

11. “This is the first time Denmark has ever reached the World Cup finals. So this is the most significant moment in Danish history.”

Steady on, John Helm