Blackburn Rovers End Of Term Report: Get Rid Of Grella And Benjani And Give Youth A Chance

Allardyce sacked, Kean in, slipping from 7th to 17th and endless chicken-based puns from the tabs, it's been a weird season for Blackburn Rovers...
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Allardyce sacked, Kean in, slipping from 7th to 17th and endless chicken-based puns from the tabs, it's been a weird season for Blackburn Rovers...

The ‘I f*cking love this game’ highlight of the season?

There weren’t many but for pure unadulterated relief going 3-0 up at Wolves on the last day of the season takes it. Months of worry had evaporated by 4.50pm, by 5.30 they were back again, but for that 30-minute period Blackburn Rovers fans could relax. Beating Liverpool 3-1 at Ewood was pretty good as well.

The season ticket shredding moment?

Can I say the whole of February, March and April and going 11 games without a win? Watching us slide from 7th to 17th was horrible and what was most frustrating was our football was getting better. Getting beat 7-1 at Old Trafford in November wasn’t too good either. It was a mauling. It was embarrassing. Berbatov scored five. Blackburn Rovers looked inept.

The management team that kept us secure have now all gone, so it’s either a brave new world or the road to disaster for Blackburn Rovers.

Moment that just about summed it all up?

Losing 1-0 at home to City is indicative of our season. We played well. We should have won but we lost by the odd late goal. If all games ended at half time Blackburn Rovers would have finished in a Champions league place.

Got the right manager?

The jury’s still out. I wasn’t a fan of Allardyce but he did a job and kept us in the Premier League. The football wasn’t pretty but survival was all we wanted. If the Venky’s takeover is as promised it was the right decision to change manager. Kean wants to play attractive football and this should be applauded but he has a mountain to climb. He has no top flight experience and the press are out to get him at every turn so fair play to him for sticking to his guns and not switching to all out long ball when the going got tough.

Player of the season?

Split decision. The head says Paul Robinson and the heart says David Hoilett. Robbo was outstanding again. If he hadn’t been on form we would have been relegated and Junior has made me eat my words. I never thought he would make it in the Premier League but he has been a revelation in the last few months. Robbo by a fraction, but Junior next season if he carries on like that.

Muppet of the season?

Despite almost getting relegated, a turbulent takeover and an unpopular new manager coming in I can’t think of one.

What would you change next term if you were the gaffer?

A fresh start and a clear out of some of the squad players; Grella, Benjani, Andrews, Goulon all to move on, with the youngsters Hanley, Olsson, Hoillet, Jones, Rochina and Formica given more starts. Not really his job but the club needs some PR guidance. The continuous barrage of drivel from the press and the sniping that goes on must have an effect on his, and the clubs morale. Hint hint.

Which player would you like to sign?

From a purely practical point of view it depends on who leaves. The vultures are circling Phil Jones and Chris Samba and if one leaves we could cope. If both leave we are in the s**t. Scott Dann maybe, Hangeland from Fulham? We also need a goal scoring striker. Van Nistlerooy has been suggested and could do a job. Michael Owen, Demba Ba?  Charlie Adam wouldn’t have to travel far.

Best goal?

Givet, Pedersen and Emerton have all scored great goals but the winner by a touch is Hoillet’s goal against Birmingham. Not even in the same class as Carlos Tevez’s free kick or Rooney’s overhead against City, even if he did shin it.

Football’s biggest t*sser?

I would have said Balotelli but I’ve warmed to him in recent weeks so that leaves the panellists on Sunday Supplement and the football hacks who regularly slate Blackburn Rovers and would have liked us go down. It’s a small town club you t*ssers, we will never get 60’000 a game, that’s half the population of the town. That would be like Chelsea and Arsenal having home gates of 300,000! And Allardyce may give you good copy but he wasn’t that great (see 7-1 against United and Newcastle).

Player’s tweet of the season?

Super @RobbieSavage8. “End of an era, best midfielder of his generation, class at everything he done, great guy, so hard to be replaced. I will be missed!” – He was talking about Paul Scholes -

Most inspired chant?

There isn’t one. It’s all about the Burnley b**tards, Bolton Road and Blackburn Aces.

Best laugh you had all season?

I haven’t laughed. I did raise a grin when West Ham went down. But that’s because my girlfriend and her family support them and this will give me something to wind them up about for at least the next twelve months.

How do you plan to get through the summer without football?

I’ll spend every day visiting ‘the ear’ on the BBC website. It’s the football gossip page that used to have an ear as its icon before you think I'm weird. I will also be checking in on the regions local football corrs @CryerRovers and @PaulPlunkettLT to see get the latest first and the oracle that is @RoversFans for all talk Blackburn Rovers.

Any other news?

Who knows what Venky’s will do. It’s all change at Ewood and that could be for the good or for the bad. The management team that kept us secure have now all gone - John Williams and Tom Finn – so it’s either a brave new world or the road to disaster for Blackburn Rovers.

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