Bojan Krkic: The Ex-Barça Prodigy That Liverpool Are Chasing

Fans have bemoaned Liverpool's transfer form of late but the Reds look to rectify with the help of a former-Barça prodigy...
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Bojan Krkic: The Ex-Barça Prodigy That Liverpool Are Chasing

Remember him?

The man with the tidiest bowl cut this side of Dalston has grown into a nomadic figure as Barcelona have been loaning out the Serbian-born Spanish international with all the care and attention of a soused housewife ('sousewife'?) leaving her kids 'round different neighbours' houses as she heads out to paint the town vino.

A confusing half-loan/half-sale to Roma in 2011 looked to be the career jumpstart Bojan had been needing after a few seasons threatening to come good on Barça's promise that he was Messi 2.0, but now he's both technically back as a player in Catalonia and out on loan at Ajax. It's practically the football equivalent of a Raymond Chandler novel - only with, PRESUMABLY, 100% less murdered dames.

Anyway, according to The Guardian, chilled-out entertainer Brendan Rodgers and the umming-and-ahhing board are after the forward, believed to be valued at about £5million - which'd be a snip, really. While he never hit world class, he's still a very talented player: possessing the fantastic technique, pace, agility and balance which made him catch the eye in the first place. Plus he's got a natty side-sweep 'do going on, at the moment - very Hendo.

He'd definitely do a job in the north-west (especially as he's precisely 230% better than Aspas) and could work wide either side, in the hole as an alternative to fatigue-prone permed-playmaker Coutinho or even up top should the 'Pool manage to lose their beloved SAS.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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