Brilliant: Arsenal's Season Summed Up Perfectly In One Picture

It's no change and no pizazz for Arsenal at the moment.
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Arsenal's Season Summed Up Perfectly In One Picture

Have a look at this.

Reddit user Sykurbjorn whacked this up, illustrating perfectly just what's going on at Arsenal at the moment. Despite the brilliant performances of their star-man Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal have performed dismally this year, failing to convince as a top-four side.

Their defence - once so rigid and regimental - looks flawed and leaky, whereas their former talisman Mesut Ozil continues to disappoint with his limp, ineffectual performances.

Despite their big-money moves in recent years, Arsenal look as far away as they've ever been from the title and from European glory. Maybe the problem is more than a question of personnel.

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