Bring On The Revolution: Kun Aguero Is Manchester City's Che Guevara

After a relatively quiet summer suddenly Manchester City are flexing their spending power and bringing one of the world's most exciting talents to the Premier League. You're welcome.
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Now I’m not going to declare that the arrival of Sergio Aguero will make Manchester City league champions next May. I’ve been castigated on here before for such mischievous hyperbole. However, let’s suppose – and it’s a reasonable assumption – that no European club can stretch to the bank-busting figure of fifty million to take Carlos Tevez a teensy bit closer to his beloved Argentina before the transfer window shuts. Let’s suppose the home-sick warrior king of Eastland stays. Tevez, despite his exasperating personality flaws, is by no means a sulker on the pitch. He will graft and prowl and terrorize unabated. Only now he will have his Albiceleste striking menace Aguerro alongside him, a kindred spirit from the Barrio and a compatriot in goals.

With Balotelli and Dzeko in the wings – and against inferior fare at home on the wings – that is a forward line that can win trophies through firepower alone. It’s an eye-watering, mouth-drooling array of talent, predatory guile and virtuosity that makes your season ticket and Sky subscriptions worth the fees at a stroke. You’re welcome. We’re not just there for the jibes and disgruntlement. We care.

Kun is an explosion of pace and trickery – David Silva on speed – and the interplay between these two magicians in particular is a trouser-tightening prospect. In mind as well as physical velocity finally we have quicksilver to benefit from quick Silva. He also shares a similar appearance to the beguiling Spaniard and many blues – myself included – are suddenly conflicted in our long-held man-crush for our impish schemer. Forgive me David, you’re still my number one but you now have a rival for my bromantic affections. How could you not when the new hair-flowing Latin charmer in town utters these words on his arrival - "In Madrid I played for the local team. Real had supporters from all over the world. I am happy to play for the local team again." Such words make you an instant legend around these parts even if they do probably originate from a savvy PR man.

Yet Aguerro, in my opinion at least, is still not the final missing piece in the Manchester City jigsaw.

The Argentine also, rather magnificently, described himself as the ‘Che Guevara of modern football’. It seems the City revolution has found it’s revolutionary.

Yet Aguero, in my opinion at least, is still not the final missing piece in the Manchester City jigsaw. He is the latest fantasy signing - admittedly a far more potent prospect than a couple of the other dream recruits of recent years and a dazzling explosion of ability that will surely ignite us to another level - but City still lack that creativity in the centre of the park that a player in the Fabregas mould could provide. We have an abundance of conjuring acts in the final third but no-one playing the magician’s assistant. Except Gareth Barry and to be frank I’d prefer Debbie McGee.

If and when Bobby Manc attracts such a player to his City project then there will be no further quibbling in my opening statements and I will happily declare us champions elect for many years to come.

Nonetheless today’s £35 million signature in exchange for edge-of-your-seat excitment from one of the best, most dangerous strikers in the world today – someone his former gaffer at Athletico Madrid describes as ‘the complete player’ – is a hugely galvanising moment for all blues after a relatively quiet summer thus far. It is also a transfer that possibly brings a significant bonus attached. Aguero is the son-in-law of God, which means that not only does his two-year-old son Benjamin have Kun as a father but also the great Diego as his granddaddy. The lad is paddling in quite some gene pool.

So welcome to Manchester Kun. Let’s hope that the club shop offers you a complimentary City rattle for your little one and he grows up a blue. To make the bright blue skies of our future even more dazzling yet.

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