Bye Jimmy Bullard: Thanks For All The Laughs & Goals

In his hay day Jimmy Bullard was on the cusp of the England squad and was one of the most popular players in the Premier League amongst neutrals. We remember the good times...
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At 33, after a career of great goals, refreshingly mischievous "antics" on the pitch, ridiculous shampoo adverts and, and ultimately unfixable knee injuries, Jimmy Bullard has decided to call it quits. Many, Ipswich and Hull fans undoubtedly among them, will feel that it was a long overdue decision - Bullard hasn't been a full-time footballer for years yet has continued to put a dent in his employers' finances. Yet Fulham and Wigan fans will undoubtedly remember Bullard for some stunning goals, great free-kicks and a cheery personality that is all too rare amongst the preened Premier League. Below we remember some of his best goals, his funniest moments and that ridiculous advert.

The Good:

Bullard scores a stunning free-kick for Fulham vs Sheffield United

Another example of set-piece supremacy, this time for Wigan vs Newcastle

A lovely shimmy and finish for Wigan against Arsenal when they were good

The Funny

The celebration that needs no introduction. Ok, so it's been overplayed and overhyped, but you can't deny that when you first saw this on Match Of The Day you let out a chuckle. It was at Phil Brown's expense - it had to be funny.

Jimmy Bullard meets Duncan Ferguson and finds himself confused, bewildered and a little bit terrified. 

This is the kind of diving on a football field that should be encouraged.

The surreal:

Jimmy Bullard for Wash N Go. It is unknown whether sales drastically increased for Wash N Go after this ad, yet we can take a pretty good guess....

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