Can The Arsenal Fans Who Slated The Club Post Villa Explain How They Feel Now?

Knee jerk reactionists, these two fingers are for you. One is going in your eye and the other up your arsenal...
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The main thing from last night was the fact we looked stable on the pitch. We looked for the most part solid. And that’s not something you can always label an Arsenal team with.

Especially away from home in the Champions League.

So with a win in the Stade Velodrome resulting in six successive victories and a remarkable 10th on the spin away from home can you people who slagged the club off after our first game of the season please also tell me how you felt on March 3 2013?

You don’t remember the date?

Let me remind you. It was the day that monkey boy Bale and his no mark team had beaten the Gunners 2-1 at White Hart Lane and AVB had spoken of the Red team in North London falling apart.

Sorry to disappoint you lads but Arsenal Football Club is made of far stronger stuff.

Yet again we qualified for the Champions League – ahead of the Lillywhites from N17 leaving those with egg on their faces who loudly proclaimed that it would be better if the club failed to qualify for the Champions League because it would mean Arsene Wenger would fail to continue to be manager.


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@LeGrove wrote in August: we are seeing the last days of a once great football manager. Really? And what do you make of David Moyes at United? Didn’t a lot of people want him as Arsenal manager recently…?

And while we’re at it – can those who purport to be Arsenal fans explain why they thought we didn’t have a chance after hearing the draw? Yes, we our squad needs strengthening but no matter who we play in the Champions League we can beat anyone on our day – so to suggest we are in a world of pain because of who we drew in the group – well, sorry but that’s the whole point of the Champions League – you are supposed to play decent teams. If you want an easy ride go and watch Spurs in the Europa League.

Have you not heard the song: “We are the Arsenal so f*** all the rest”? Try supporting your club for a change eh?

Of course last night’s result may just be an illusion, it might be the only victory we achieve in the group and that the paucity of our squad is eventually exposed through our ridiculous injury list – but come on even if you’re a Wenger Out rather than an AKB you must admit the result was satisfying and made you proud to be a gooner?

And for those who said let’s have Mourinho instead of Wenger – do you still think that now after the bloke turned last season’s most attacking team into the purveyors of one of the most turgid 0-0’s I have ever seen, at Old Trafford in August, not to mention losing at Everton and the team that they eviscerated in last year’s Europa League semis. Good work the Special One, not so f*cking Happy now are you? And even if Wenger isn’t a voyeur I bet he cracked open a lovely bottle of Alsace Riesling last night upon hearing your teams result.

As the Gooner fanzine said on twitter (by the way loving the umlauts in tribute to Ozil lads): “Drew the sting in the first half and put them to the sword in the second – the fact that Chelsea lost just made the night even better. Getting sacked in the morning Jose”.

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