Carl Froch: "I've Beat The Best In The World, I Don't Worry About Anybody"

Carl Froch is on the cusp of greatness, ahead of the biggest fight of his career our mates at HalcyonMag caught up with The Cobra to discuss starting a family, the success of The Super 6, and how he's not scared of Andre Ward...
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With very few bouts on terrestrial TV and a reduction in mainstream media coverage, Boxing does not appear to be as big as it once was in Britain. This bothers us, as there’s nothing we like more than a good legal dust up and to show our support we’ll be featuring the fight game heavily within Halcyon’s sports section. What better way to kick things off than for our boxing expert Ste Turton to catch up with Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch, ahead of his rescheduled Super 6 final with Andre Ward on December 17th?

Those who don’t know the pride of Nottingham should, as he’s Britain’s most accomplished active fighter. He’s took on all comers over the last few years in some of boxing’s most exciting bouts, currently holding the WBC World Super-Middleweight Championship, previously held by legends such as Sugar Ray Leonard and Nigel Benn. Now standing one fight away from holding two belts in boxing’s most competitive division, The Halcyon Boys are bubbling with excitement for the pre-Christmas showdown.  The Cobra, as always, seems to be taking it all in his stride…

I’ve been a professional 10 years, I’ve had 28 fights, I’m very, very confident. I’ve beat the best in the world so I’m at the stage in my career where I don’t worry about anybody.

HM- You’ve been in top calibre fights for as long as I can remember but your next, the final of a two year tournament, is the biggest of your career. Any out of the ordinary nerves?

CF- In a word no. I’ve been a professional 10 years, I’ve had 28 fights, I’m very, very confident. I’ve beat the best in the world so I’m at the stage in my career where I don’t worry about anybody. There are no nerves or apprehensions, nothing. As long as I prepare meticulously, like I do, as long as I get myself in the best possible shape then I know I’ve given myself every chance of winning. I’ll leave it all in the ring on the night, there’s no room for nerves. If I do get nervous I’m actually happy about it, I welcome them. They give me that adrenaline boost that always helps on the night.

HM- The Super 6, on paper, was a fantastic concept to unify a division but it has had its problems. Would you recommend a fellow fighter to participate if a similar tournament popped up in another division?

CF- Yeah I don’t see why not. You know what you’re going to be earning for the next five fights, and you know who you’re gonna be fighting. I think it’s worked very well, it’s been fantastic as I’ve fought people I wouldn’t have fought if it hadn’t been for the tournament so yeh, it’s been an unbelievable format and success. It’s had its problems but only where fighters have been injured and pulled out needing to be replaced. That happens all the time, it’s been no different to normal boxing except I’ve known who I’m gonna be fighting, when, and how much I’ll be earning which is great. Sometimes you’re waiting around, I sat around for a year waiting for Joe Calzaghe and the fight never happened. If he was in the tournament he’d have had to fight me.

HM- .  Has  your 15 month old son managed to pull on a miniature head guard and glove set yet and if he did show an interest in the sport, how would that sit with you?

CF- I wouldn’t encourage or talk him out of it. I’d let him make his own mind up. Rocco’s gonna have a good education, something I had to go back to college and university to do on my own accord because I didn’t do too clever at school. He’s gonna be given every opportunity to become a very intelligent young man. A lot of kids don’t get that these days and I come from a broken home, went to a normal school where you were allowed to misbehave. I want Rocco to have a good education first and foremost and then if he’s into boxing I’m gonna let him get on with it.

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