Carragher Slams Arsenal Fans' 'Classless' Abuse Of Wenger

Get the bus next time Arsene.
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Carragher Slams Arsenal Fans' 'Classless' Abuse Of Wenger

It's all getting quite unpleasant at Arsenal. While the frustration of their supporters is understandable, it's questionable as to whether someone who's done as much for the club as Arsene Wenger deserves to be treated with the level of contempt being displayed by certain supporters.

Jamie Carragher certainly thinks so. Speaking about Arsenal's fans on Sky tonight he said: "If I could think of one word to sum up Arsenal as a football club, it would be 'class'. That was 'classless', the banner at West Brom, the reaction at the train station at Stoke.

"You should never, ever react to a manager like that considering the job that he's done. As I said, it was classless."

Do Arsenal fans agree with Carragher? Or is this campaign a necessary evil to get rid of a blinkered manager who otherwise will never quit? Here's the video of Arsenal fans booing Wenger at Stoke station.


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