Celebrity Chelsea Fan: "I Wanted To Go At Iniesta With A Hammer v Barcelona In 2009"

I love Iniesta, he's my favourite player in the world, but as soon as he hit it I knew it was in and I wanted to chin him...
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Celebrity Chelsea Fan: "I Wanted To Go At Iniesta With A Hammer v Barcelona In 2009"

When I was a kid every goal I saw was the best I'd ever seen.  My father, a martyr to my football addiction, once brought me to an FAI Cup semi-final game in Tolka Park, not too far from our house but probably thousands of miles from where my father wanted to be.

There I saw the best goal I'd ever seen, a scorcher of a shot from outside the box, scored by a Shamrock Rovers player whose name I can't remember. On the way home, my father had to put me right; we had, in fact, just witnessed a nil-all draw and the ball had hit the side netting.  I asked him if we could go to the replay.  He sighed before he said No.

The best actual goal I ever saw is quite a recent one, and devastating.  It was scored by Andres Iniesta, my favourite footballer, but, in the seconds between his foot meeting the ball and the ball going past Petr Cech's fingers into the top left hand corner of the net, a little Catalan f*****I'd happily have gone at with an Irish hammer.

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It was the 2009 Champions' League semi-final at Stamford Bridge, the second leg, and we - that is, Chelsea - were a couple of minutes from the final.  It had been an amazing game, and we were one-nil up - deservedly.  It wasn't the mad scramble of 2012.  Chelsea were great that night.  I don't remember who did exactly what, but a Barcelona player sent the ball across the Chelsea goal.  A Chelsea player - I think it was Michael Essien - was an inch short of pushing it off the pitch.  But the ball went past his foot, to another Barcelona player, who sent it back across the goal, just outside the box, to Iniesta.

I knew before he hit it, he'd score.  And he did.  He was Iniesta.

A few minutes later, packed with injustice, a sending off, and a c*** of a referee, the game was over.  I was upset but, almost immediately, I realised I'd seen something brilliant, something perfect.  I wanted to shake Iniesta's hand, thank him, and then kill him.

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