Chelsea And Man Utd: Check Out Ace New Versions Of Your Worst Ever Kits

50 shades of grey.
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Back in the mid-90s both Manchester United and Chelsea had their kits made by Umbro and the sportswear company had them clad in rather disgusting grey kits that looked horrible.

United's was so bad that they even blamed a thrashing by Southampton on it, while Chelsea's was even worse, due to the fact that as well as grey it was also coloured bright orange.

For reasons best known to themselves, the website La Casaca decided to reinvent these awful old strips for the modern age, along with some other shocking efforts worn in the era by other top clubs in Europe.

Using the same basic design La Casaca reimagined the strips adding modern detailing and updated sponsor and kit manufacturer logos. The result is pretty good, although obviously not as good as it would be if it wasn't grey. .

Here's United's old shirt from 1995.


And here's the re-designs.


Here's Chelsea's monstrosity from 1994.


Now behold the effects of progress.



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