Chelsea Have Been Offered A Swap: Diego Costa For Courtois, Very Exciting

A spectacular deal, sure - but is it one that'll benefit Chelsea in the long run?
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God I love a good swap deal.

Conjuring up images of crazy-maned weirdo Noel Edmonds in his pullover with his big red phone, Chelsea have - according to the Daily Star - been offered a swap-deal by Atletico Madrid: "Give us Thibaut Courtois and we'll give you Diego Costa, right?", Atleti president Enrique Cerezo might've said down the blower to Roman.

Trouble is, that sounds like a very good deal until you really think about it: Diego Costa is a robust centre-forward having a storming season. Sounds great when you think about it like that, actually. Chelsea are short a striker and here's one they could conceivably have at. Perfect, right?

Well only sort of: Courtois is already one of La Liga's finest goalkeepers and he's only twenty-one. That means that he could conceivably play at the highest level for another twenty years. Twenty. That's almost as long as he's been alive, already. World class (or potentially world class) goalkeepers don't come around very often. There's also no guarantee that Costa will be able to cope with Premier League climes.

Here's a man having scoring a tonne of goals, way more than he's ever scored before. I'm not sure I need to say anything else other than he would not be the only striker to have one standout season in a season defined by mediocrity. Previous years have been marred by patchy form and indiscipline.

Besides, at twenty-five (and being of a, shall we say, 'sturdy' build), chances are that he's only got another three or four years of world class football in him. Five, tops. That's if we're being nice. And I'm hungover so I'm not.

Good luck to the Blues, anyway. Hope it works out.

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