Chelsea Legend Says His Favourite League Title Would Be With Arsenal

Cech out this tweet...
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Chelsea legend Petr Cech yesterday completed an £11m move to rivals Arsenal. Whilst Chelsea fans are still reeling from seeing such a prominent figure leave, their pain will be compounded by a tweet Cech posted back in May.

Cech was asked by a Chelsea fan what his best Premier League title was, listing the four Cech won at Stamford Bridge as the options. But the cheeky Czech's reply hinted at the fact that his best title may actually be with Arsenal...


The reply was simple, yet stinging. Cech was already more than halfway out of the door at this point and yet still showed great hunger to go on and win the Premier League title elsewhere.

In his first interview at Arsenal, Cech admitted that Arsene Wenger's ambition matched his own and was a major factor in him signing for the club. He also said that he is as hungry as ever for titles.

Arsenal fans will be delighted with Cech's ambition and drive for success. His experience and know-how will no doubt be invaluable to Arsenal in the coming season as they look to end an 11 year wait for the Premier League title.


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