Chelsea Look To Bring Man Utd Flop Back To The Prem

Is it all part of Jose's mind games?
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If he couldn't do it at Man Utd, what makes Chelsea think he'll be any good there?

That's the question many Chelsea fans will be asking themselves with the news that the Blues are considering a move for Man Utd loan flop Radamel Falcao

The Blues are supposedly in talks with Monaco to bring Falcao, who only managed to score four goals in 29 appearances for Man Utd, back to the Premiership. 

Ever the master of mind games, Mourinho knows that the move is likely to unsettle LVG, as goals from Falcao would suggest Jose is a better man-manager than the Dutchman. If he can get the most out of the 29 year old, it could be the difference between the teams next year.

What do you think Man Utd fans? Are they welcome to him?