Chelsea: Oscar May Be The Chosen One, But Hazard Is The Special One

At the start of this season, Eden had a decision to make: become the new Ronaldo or the new Joe Cole...
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Chelsea: Jose Swapped Ronaldo For Hazard & It's Worked Out Perfectly

The little horse has topped the table, and as anyone who knows Jose Mourinho will tell you, once his teams get that lead, they tend not to look back.

It has been the week of all weeks for Mourinho and his Chelsea side.

Never does the manager appear more special than when his side are under massive pressure, and last season in the ‘week of death’ for Real Madrid, Mourinho masterminded the victory against United, knocked Barcelona out of the cup and won a Clasico as well.

The man knows what he is doing – and is making one of his players nearly as special as he is.

Eden Hazard is getting all the plaudits at the minute and rightly so.

At the start of the season, Mourinho was faced with a dilemma. Not how to get his forwards scoring, or how to keep Roman Abramovich sweet, no the dilemma was just how to replace the man he had come to rely on during his time at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mourinho always has a star in his sides, no matter how much he harps on about the team, the collective, the whole, he has had a Deco, a Drogba, a Sneijder, a Ronaldo and now a Hazard.

Oscar may be the chosen one, but Hazard is the special one, and the player Mourinho is trying to develop into one of the best in the world.


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Chelsea: Jose's Record With Robben & Ronaldo Bodes Well For Hazard

The Belgium international had two choices this season. Become the next Joe Cole, or the next Ronaldo. Thankfully, at the minute he is much closer to the Portuguese player. Hazard at his best is unstoppable and his performance against Manchester City was capped off by one of his best displays in a Chelsea shirt against Newcastle.

Manchester City were certainly not expected to slip up at Carrow Road, and to fail to find the back of the net for a second time in a row- when their fans have come to expect goals galore has not gone down well with the Citizens. They are without three key men at the minute, Sergio Aguero, Fernandinho and Samir Nasri, and it is showing.

Chelsea are visiting the Eithad Stadium for the FA Cup game, and when the draw was made, their fans may have worried. Now, they will see it as a chance to knock the club out of the cup competition – or at least make their players work for it. And in the middle of the Barcelona games as well.

Something has to give for City, and Mourinho will be hoping it is domestically. The longer City stay in Europe, the better for Chelsea.

Arsenal meanwhile are as predictable as ever and showed exactly why anyone who remained unconcerned at their excellent start was right. Come February, the wheels come off.

Crying in the middle of the pitch, failing to score and conceding a boat load. Standard Gunners really.

Their own keeper branded them a ‘f***ing embarrassment’ although one might suggest that after conceding five, he should be looking at himself, but then Szczesny has never really been any good at that has he?

When the going gets tough, the Gunners get going. From the race for trophies that is. Chelsea and their manager meanwhile get going in the opposite direction. All the way to the top of the table. And once they get there, little horse or not, they take some shifting.

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