Chelsea Target 'New Neymar' Neilton & The Top 10 Youngsters in Brazilian Football Right Now

Everyone loves a Brazilian wonderkid, here a native tells us about the ones to watch...
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Chelsea Target 'New Neymar' Neilton & The Top 10 Youngsters in Brazilian Football Right Now...

They might play for your team within a few months. Now the Brazilian currency has devalued considerably, local clubs are more interested in selling their best assets. These are the ones that were on the spotlight this year.

1. Gabriel -- 17 -- Santos


Gabigol is seen as a future Neymar at Santos, at least in the goalscoring skills and selling potential. He wasn’t even expected to play this year. But then a teammate felt sick before playing Gremio at Vila Belmiro. The Head coach decided to call Gabriel to put him on the bench. The youngster was playing videogames at home when he received the call, but he came on and ended up scoring the winner. He has since scored once more. His transfer price was recently put in US$ 50 million.

2. Mayke -- 20 -- Cruzeiro


Brazil has the next Dani Alves lined up for Russia 2018. Little by little Mayke is taking hold of the right-wing at Cruzeiro, the leaders of the Brazilian championship. He is a good passer and crosses very well. His flaws are basically defensive, but his age shows how much he can improve.

3. Doria -- 19 -- Botafogo


He is called “the little sheriff” of Botafogo’s defense. That shows how authoritative Doria has become at such a young age. He has played professionally since last year, but he has developed into a great player this year. Doria’s positioning and speed are his best assets.

4. Alex Telles - 21 - Grêmio


He is the reason Grêmio supporters never missed André Santos (fair to say that wasn’t the most difficult part of his job). Fast, skilled and also good in defense, which is not that common in Brazilian wingers. A stable player that deserves credit for his team being on the top four.

5. Marcelo - 21 - Atlético Paranaense


Not a deadly striker, but Marcelo has established himself as a first team player at surprisingly competitive Atlético Paranaense for his elegant passing and aggressive dribbling. He doesn’t score as often -- just twice in the championship -- but he has given four assists in seven matches.

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6. André - 22 - Vasco da Gama


Neymar`s buddy at Santos is very experienced at such an young age. He has played for Dynamo Kiev and Bordeaux already. André returned to Brazil so Scolari could see him more closely and take him to the Seleção. With seven goals in 15 matches he could be on the way for that.

7. Neilton - 19 - Santos


The boy is a bit loco -- he wanted US$ 50,000 to renew his contract with Santos after Neymar left. But there is no doubt he could be a good player. Four goals in 11 matches. Neilton is fast and loves dribbling. Shooting is not his strength yet, but he is improving all the time. Spurs want him.

8. Vinicius Araujo - 20 - Cruzeiro


Some call him Vinistelrooy or Vinibrahimovic. Not entirely deserved at the moment, but Vinicius is surely a skilled goalscorer. Seven goals for Brazil’s U-20 and six for Cruzeiro in 11 matches this year. He is not that good in the air, but has powerful shots. Would fit in well in the Premiership.

9. Gabriel - 20 - Botafogo


He is one of these new classy defensive midfielders with good passing skils and a tight pressure game. Gabriel is one of the players who runs for veteran Seedorf in Botafogo’s midfield. It has been effective so far. Another player that could do well in Premiership football.

10. Ramiro - 20 - Grêmio


Some see him as a true heir for Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva, who left Grêmio years ago. Not that fair. Ramiro is better in defense than in offense, but he surely can pass and make things flow faster. He is one of the players that make his team among the best in the championship.

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