Chelsea: We'll Need 11 Heroes To Beat PSG Now

After a disastrous result in France, Chelsea will need another European miracle to progress to the Champions League semi-finals this year...
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Chelsea: We'll Need 11 Heroes To Beat PSG Now

Is Fernando Torres actually getting worse? Is David Luiz more of a hinderance than a help? Why do certain players borrow Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility when the spotlight shines on them?  Are Chelsea done in Europe or can they repeat the Napoli comeback?

All worthy questions after the epic fail against Paris Saint Germain, who proved to be the tricky opponent everyone thought they would be.

When Ezequiel Lavezzi stepped up and scored the opening goal with three minutes on the clock, the panic, and indeed the annoyance, from Chelsea fans was palpable. They have Fernando Torres - who is actually regressing.

PSG, meanwhile, have someone who dares to Zlatan - a player who manages to look good even shunted on the wing, and the sublime Lavezzi, who at the start of the game was considered the least dangerous of the three, which was evidently misguided.

Jose Mourinho actually has so little faith in Torres that he elected to start with Andre Schürrle – not something that paid massive dividends, but fully understandable given Torres’ performance against Crystal Palace. In fact, if Nando actually carries on in this vein, Mourinho may feel like giving Stamford the Lion a chance to prove his credentials.


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That is not to say he was the only one at fault. Yet again – and this time in a big game – a fair few of the ‘star players’ decided to go missing for large parts of the game. Eden Hazard converted yet another spot kick, and had brilliant flashes, but that is what they were. Flashes. He needs to perform for 90 minutes, and that is not something he can currently do.

The defence were – for the first time in a long while – able to be skipped past, and could even be accused of being sloppy for the third goal. In fact, Mourinho did exactly that.

John Terry yet again felt the harsh realities of the luck not going your way, and David Luiz was his own brand of special in the middle of the park. The Blues will also have to navigate the second leg without the suspended Ramires – who seems to be picking up cards like Sergio Ramos.

Meanwhile, PSG will have to do without their talisman Ibra, who will be out for three weeks. Not that it will matter, as they can shift Cavani into the middle, where he is most lethal and start Lucas Moura out wide. Chelsea fans are quite rightly bitter about PSG having the cheek to moan about losing Zlatan, and after their performance in their couple of games, who can blame them?

The Blues do have that all-important away goal, and it was against a Napoli side that contained Cavani and Lavezzi that they overturned a 3-1 deficit not too long ago. Can history repeat itself? PSG certainly have nine other players who are better than the Napoli lot – and a burning desire to progress to the semi-final.

It will be a night for heroes to step up and Mourinho will be hoping he has eleven of those – no less will do if the club want to be in that draw on Friday noon.

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