Chelsea: We're Short A Striker Now But Think How Great We'll Be Next Year

Yet another match stumbling over a bottom-half side but we've got to remember that we've got another season or two before we're really hitting our stride...
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Chelsea: We're Short A Striker Now But Think How Great We'll Be Next Year

The way I feel right now, it is a toss-up between ‘If you didn’t laugh you would cry,’ ‘For f***s sake’ and ‘I told you so.’

Why? Because literally three minutes ago (I am both that quick and that annoyed, and the only reason it took three minutes at all was because I had to down a glass of wine) the final whistle blew on the game between West Brom and Chelsea – and the game ended in a draw. Yes two points dropped again. To West Brom, who seem to be our personal title destroyers.

The euphoria at going top of the table on Saturday was short lived, and actually, when I was asked before the game if I felt Chelsea would win tonight, I replied that I did not think they would.

Anyone who has read the multiple articles I have written about the lack of a forward will also know I also lament the fact that we can do it against the big boys, but to use the phrase Jose himself favours, the ‘mickey mouse’ sides seem to create a bit of an issue. And by ‘bit’ I mean like it would be a ‘bit’ of an issue if you killed ten people in cold blood, and it was all on CCTV. It is an utter disaster.

The forwards cannot even really be blamed for the dropped points – and despite what Chelsea TV seemed to try and harp on about post match, it was two points dropped and a stupid two at that.

John Terry was missed so badly it was not true - in fact, had the skipper played, it is questionable if West Brom would've managed their 87th minute equaliser. At least Luiz didn't do a Kolo, I suppose.


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Petr Cech has failed to keep a clean sheet against West Brom at their place yet again, and all the players looked jaded. Even Hazard. In fact the only way you would even bother to mention the star of the past week would be to claim Chelsea’s form against the bottom half of the table is in fact Hazardous.

Manchester City and Arsenal have the chance to close the gap tonight, and odds are on at least City managing to do that. A Black and Decker drill will probably not be required at the Etihad Stadium against Sunderland.

But back to Chelsea. Clearly it is not all doom and gloom, and anyone who has the foresight to look to the future will know that next season, the Blues will be even better. The one after that even more so.

As Jose keeps reminding us, his little horse are not the finished article yet, whereas Manchester City basically are. Who can they add to their squad to make them better? Messi is not for sale, nor is Ronaldo!

In the summer Chelsea will move for a forward who can put the likes of West Brom to bed, and if anyone at the Bridge had forgotten what one of those looked like, the visit of Galatasaray in the Champions League will soon remind us.

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