Chelsea: Where Would You Be Now If You'd Signed Wayne Rooney?

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Where Would Chelsea Be Now If They'd Signed Wayne Rooney?

With Jose back at Chelsea and Man Utd Fergie-less for the first time in decades, Wayne Rooney packing up for the big smoke seemed almost inevitable in 2013, especially with the ferocity with which Mourinho pursued the England striker.

Alas, as with so many tantalising transfer rumours, it never happened. But what if it had? Where would Chelsea be now with Rooney up front? Someone posed the question on Reddit today, here's what the fans thought...

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Urkslpeen: I think it would have given us the league, much like RVP's move to United did for them. Really the only thing our team was missing last season was someone at the pointy end to put some of the many chances we created into the net.

PediatricUrologist: Personally, I rate Rooney very highly and think he definitely fits the mold of a Mourinho player. However, I don't think that we win the title last year even if we had him. We were still missing the creativity of Fabregas, and I think Rooney is more of a workhorse with great finishing. Assuming we still did purchase Costa in the offseason, I think because of Rooney's versatility he would have been able to maintain a spot in the side.

Strifeblood: I disagree about the title. We were literally only missing a clinical finisher who could bang in the easy chances our strikers got last season. Torres had no confidence and he'd try to do too much and lose the ball or sky an open net. Eto'o was decent for his age but he clearly was nowhere near as good as he was a few years ago. I loved Ba but he was above his level at Chelsea. We still had some creativity issues but people forget that Rooney is a pretty creative striker and that's the reason he plays at CAM. He'd scored so much more for United if he played up top. We were 4 points off the title last year and I'm sure Rooney would have been gotten us those 4 points if not more.

In the long run, it's better we got Costa because even though he's not as proven as Rooney (he's having a great start though), he's 3 years younger. I think Costa has 4 to 6 years left at this level which is perfect for this team that has it's core around 23-25 so we can compete at the highest level for the next 5 years.

ebjt26: I bet United wish they'd have sold him now in light of their superfluous attacking talents, but I think he'd be an asset to any team. I don't know how much we'd have to have paid for him, but I feel like Cesc and Costa were bargains so maybe not a fiscally better move. And where would we have even played him? Oscar's spot maybe? Seems silly to have anyone in our current starting eleven on the bench.

OftenItalic: Rooney's United's second best player after Di Maria and arguably more meaningful than him given he's the captain and has been there so long. He's the last player they would let go voluntarily I think even for the millions it would earn them. If nothing else it could have hurt their perceived prestige to lose a player to Chelsea, especially if he did well.

AzureSkyy:He would have helped but in retrospect Costa is the better route. I don't think he is as good, only because Costa is unreal atm. But for sure would have helped us. His leadership qualities would have helped the team too.

A partnership of Drogba + Rooney would have been nice to see.

Grollcool:He is pretty much the perfect Mourinho player and he would probably have fit in flawlessly and scored many goals.

We will never know if Costa would be better than him or vice versa so we should just accept what has happened and hope for the best. Rooney is a much more technically talented and rounded player than Costa, but at the same time I really dislike Rooney so I think I am satisfied with the way things panned out.

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