Classic: When the ref tried to book you on Fifa '94 (Plus Ballack loses it for Chelsea)

Reminds us of Michael Ballack circa 2009, just the opposite way round
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Everyone remembers playing Fifa games back in the day, the ones where you could slide tackle the goalkeeper, where there were indoor exhibition matches, and well where you could avoid a yellow card simply by running away. If only that were a thing in football for real, if you can escape then okay, you get away with it. 

On that topic, here's Michael Ballack chasing a referee around in 2009 during Chelsea's Champions League Semi-Final clash with Barcelona. It's the same game Didier Drogba thought was a disgrace, and well it's hard to tell what Michael Ballack thinks of it all at the time, have a watch. 

Ah referees, they give us so much anger, it's good when they break the mould and give some comic relief to us (maybe not for Chelsea fans on this particular occasion). Fifa games have certainly evolved from the '94 edition, but few will be remembered so fondly for their quirks and at the time, their superb graphics (yes, I know, but it was 21 years ago.)