Club President: Chelsea Target 'Certainly' Wanted By Arsenal

This saga is like a game of Twister...
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Strap yourselves in, this Paulo Dybala saga could get a bit bumpy. It's hard to know who or what to believe when the story's taking a different turn every hour. The latest news, according to ESPNFC, is that Palermo's president Maurizio Zamparini, who seems unable to keep his mouth shut at the moment, has said that Arsenal are 'certainly' want Dybala, along with Juventus.

"Dybala is leaving at the end of the season and he and his agent are aiming for a top club, and they are right to do so," Zamparini revealed to Canal Plus. "Four clubs want him -- two are Italian, the others foreign. Certainly Juve and Arsenal want him."

Okay, let's go over what we know. Dybala is definitely leaving Palermo this summer. His preference is to stay in Italy because he's 'fond' of the country, but he hasn't ruled out a move abroad. Zamparini wants up to €50million for the Argentinian. Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG and Juventus all seem to be very keen on signing the 21-year-old.

However, according to Zamparini, two of the four interested parties are Itlalian, so surely one of Chelsea and PSG must be out of the running? It would make most sense if PSG had cooled interest as they are struggling with Financial Fair Play compliance, thus can't afford huge deal without selling first.

What's clear is that Paulo Dybala is a big talent with huge potential. With 13 goals and 10 assists to his name this season, he's already proving a valuable contributor in what is a mediocre Palermo side. If Arsenal and Chelsea are as keen as made out the they'll be fighting tooth and nail to secure Dybala's services.


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