Colin Farrell Reacts To Bendtner Staying At Arsenal

Nicklas Bendtner won't be leaving Arsenal this summer, news which will probably tip the fans over the edge. Here's how Colin Farrell reacted...
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Arsene Wenger's confirmation that Nicklas Bendtner will be staying at the club was perhaps the final straw for many Arsenal fans, and Colin Farrell's reaction pretty much sums it up. Bendtner, who looks more like a homeless Scandinavian man than a footballer these days, is hardly the solution to Arsenal's problems. Yes, players are needed, but a cardboard box would probably be more effective than the once decent Danish international. At least it wouldn't be taking £55k a week from the club. Fingers crossed that someone who actually wants to play football comes in before the end of the transfer window, or else Arsenal could be saying goodbye to the Champions League.

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