Collymore, Thorpedo & Who Else You Want On MOTD Instead Of Mick & 'Arry

News that the shouty Northerner & hangdog wheeler dealer are to join MOTD nearly ruined the start of the new season. But seriously BBC, with so many other people out there, why these two?
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Foghorn Leghorn struggled to adapt to life in the studio



Anyone else (Carl Purusram)

Me and my Mum (Steph Richards)

Mills and Boon (Mick Murphy)

Michael Johnson & IanThorpe (Darren Hillier)

Someone from Arsenal (Kate Halle)

Robbie Savage and Ian Holloway (Bog Stoke)

Jimmy Hill and Bobby Gould (Regular Cosmicdust)

Stan Collymore & Barry Glendenning @A_Riggles

Danny Baker and Henry Winter (@MrStuartLodge)

Bungle from Rainbow (@nitejohnboy)

Joey Barton (@GUSCAESAR)

Clare Balding & Ian Thorpe (@graemehunter)

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