Could Juan Iturbe Be 'The New Messi' To Complete Rodgers' Liverpool?

Liverpool need a wide player with guile, trickery and an eye for the spectacular. Step forward Iturbe...
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Could Juan Iturbe Be The Man To Complete Rodgers' Liverpool?

One rumour that simply refuses to die is Hella Veronas' 'New Messi', the decidedly un-Messi-like Juan Iturbe to Anfield.

The Argentine is a supremely talented player with a knack for deadball situations, burning defenders for pace and twisting markers inside out like... What twists inside out? Anyway, talkSPORT have reported that Liverpool remain in the hunt for the 20-year-old but have moneybags Monaco hot on their non-literal tails.

Could Iturbe be the man to kick Liverpool into the next gear next season? They'll certainly need more bodies with Europe to consider too next season, and - while the Argie's stats leave a LITTLE to be desired (six goals and four assists in twenty-six Serie A appearances) - his versatility and undoubted quality could be invaluable. Oh and not to mention his MAD PACE.

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