Daley Blind To Man United: Is He REALLY Worth £17million?

He's good, but is he £17million good?
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Daley Blind To Man United: Is He REALLY Worth £17million?

He's got champion pedigree and had a great World Cup and now fellow countryman Louis Van Gaal is trying to lure him to the North-West in a deal worth a reported £17million, according to the Daily Express.

Despite the horribly inflated cost of Luke Shaw, SEVENTEEN MILLION is not chump change - is Blind really worth the money?

In short, possibly - a cop-out, we know, but all that money for a player who'll be a reserve left-back and is only an above-average defensive midfielder? That's a risk. There's no two-ways around the fact that the Eredivisie, while a league with some impressive talents, is nowhere near on the level of the Premier League - if anyone argues just look at how bad Christian "WORLD'S SLOWEST MAN, LITERALLY" Poulsen was for Liverpool and how great he was for Ajax.

Still, Blind is a competitive, highly competent talent and will likely add to LVG's side. It would, however, mean a complete change of tact from the slow build-up play centred around Michael Carrick in recent seasons, with Blind's nippy, 'get it, give it' being much more in the mould of the 2006 Makelele Role defensive-midfielders. But then that might be what they've missing.

All we're saying is that if the £16million fee for Hummels goes through and they pay one million more for Daley Blind, then this entire transfer market is f***ing f***ed.


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