The ex-Arsenal man joined Andy Townsend at the famous London pub ahead of today's FA Cup final.

A drink in The Globe at Baker St is a much-loved ritual for many football fans before a trip to Wembley. You know the feeling: the pre-match butterflies are starting to kick in, the sun's out (hopefully), David Seaman and Andy Townsend are behind the bar.

.....hang on. What was that last bit? 


Arsenal and Villa fans were treated to a shock today as Captain Morgan got the the former Arsenal and Villa captains to roll their sleeves up and pull a few pints for the fans. 


The usual bar staff were relieved of their duties for the day, to be replaced with the ex-pros, who took orders and gave some tips for the game. Big Dave still had his goalie gloves on. 


Oh, and Townsend's rocking a beard.