Deportivo Cancel Striker's Transfer After Discovering He Abused Them On Twitter

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It's one of life's modern problems, being caught by an employer tweeting something you shouldn't have. Spare a thought then for young Spanish footballer Julio Rey, who's had his new contract at Deportivo cancelled after the Spanish club found out he'd sent them abusive messages on Twitter in 2012. 

After being plucked from the Spanish fourth division straight into the top flight, Rey must have thought his ship had come in. It was only when Deportivo's legal team had a good rummage through his social media accounts that somebody noticed a tweet from 2012 stating "Puta Depor" ("F**k Depor"), and the hopeful player's dreams were smashed like a broken laptop screen. 

In an official statement, Deportivo said...

‘Deportivo, who announced the signing of Julio Rey this week, has decided not to complete the deal after finding unfortunate comments made by the player on a personal profile online,’ the statement read.

‘Deportivo understands that a player should wear the blue and white shirt must be an example of sportsmanship, have respect for opponents, commitment and positive sentiment towards the Depor , its colors, its shield and the values that the institution represents.’

You've got to feel for the kid. He'll no doubt achieve immortality as a pub quiz answer, so that's something at least.