Does Arsenal Or Man Utd Have The EPL's Most Passionate Celeb Fan?

Who has the most famous fan?
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Premier League’s Most Passionate Celeb Fans

During the summer transfer window, Carling’s Shirt Amnesty van has been reacting to transfers and touring the country to give passionate football supporters the chance to get their hands on a brand new, free, shirt when they trade in an old one of a recently sold player. This got us thinking about the lengths fans go to in order to watch their team and we wanted to investigate who was the most passionate celebrity fan of each of the 20 clubs. As you can see from our list of celebrity award winners, passion can be demonstrated in various ways, whether it's shedding a tear on a stadium tour or changing the location of where your child is born. Every season brings a new wave of celebrity pretenders spotted in the crowd, so we've whittled it down to one fan per club to separate the 'hardcores' from the 'hardly-evers'.


Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Piers Morgan is passionate about his football club. Ever since his introduction to social media he has been grafting day and night to become Arsenal's most prominent fan on Twitter. Having an opinion on almost everything Gunners related, however, has put Piers in the firing line on more than one occasion. Despite this, he unashamedly keeps tweeting and he's made it on our list for his relentless Gooner commentary (and money invested).

Aston Villa

As 3rd in line to the throne, Prince William was well within his right to support a top four team without the worry of anyone batting an eyelid. He therefore deserves a special mention for instead choosing a rollercoaster lifestyle by siding with 'run of the mill' Aston Villa. On the topic of which team young George would support, the Prince said: "The responsible thing would be to say, to let him make his own mind up, but I think I might be quite biased. I haven't quite worked out how to play that yet"


Bournemouth are sitting with the giants of the Premier League for the first time in their history. Among the coastline supporters club is a variety of UK stars such as Jayne Middlemiss and Jamie Reynolds (from the Klaxons). However for A-list presence alone, we've awarded 'knocked up’ star Seth Rogan as their most passionate supporter. Despite pronouncing it Borne-MOUTH, he once said "I have heard they are awesome!"


A colossus of the film industry and genuine national treasure, it would be criminal not to mention Richard Attenborough. The lifelong Chelsea supporter who held the honorary position of Life Vice President, once said "I went and stood on a bank with a packet of sandwiches with my girlfriend who I eventually married, principally because she agreed to follow Chelsea, and we've been going since 1942". Unfortunately Attenborough passed away in 2014 so Carling has passed this distinguished accolade on to Sebastian Coe. Coe once said 'I watched the (Champions League Final) game in Munich sitting alongside two of my kids and Sir Steve Redgrave. We are both diehard Chelsea fans, and as Didier Drogba put the ball on the penalty spot for the final kick of the game I think we would have both have swapped all our Olympic gold medals to see the ball hit the back of the net.'

Crystal Palace

Eddy Izzard lives and breathes Crystal Palace. He has been an avid supporter since 1969 and became associate director for the Eagles in 2012. Judging from his comments he's probably gained a few grey hairs at Selhurst Park: 'I tend to shout at televisions in pubs in front of the children. I know everyone has to deal with this and I've tried to mature my behaviour as my life has progressed, but in this one area I am still like the teenager I was in the 70s, living and dying every week for the football games I was playing myself or watching Palace play.' Luckily he doesn't ask for much from his beloved team 'All I really want is for Crystal Palace to win every game from now until the end of time'. No pressure on Pardew then...


Despite Sylvester Stallone's valiant effort to gear up the crowds at Goodison Park in 2007, Carling's spot for Hollywood pretender has already gone to Seth Rogan. The prestigious accolade is therefore awarded to Amanda Holden. She has often been described as a lucky charm for the Toffees and was influential in the decision of which crest to adorn for the clubs shirt in 2014/15. She tweeted in 2013: 'Question for Everton fans. This is my vote for the new Everton FC crest what's yours?'

Leicester City

Gary Lineker isn't quite as frequent with his social posts as Piers Morgan, but no less passionate. His intense passion for Leicester City got him into trouble in 2014 when he swore on Twitter following the fox’s memorable comeback from 2-0 and 3-1 to beat Van Gaal's Man United. Sensing a potential backlash, Lineker Tweeted: "“Dear papers, if I can’t swear when Leicester come from 2 goals down to beat Man Utd 5-3 then I never can. Thanks though for your concern.”


John Bishop is a diehard Supporter of Liverpool and has been since the day he was born. He has spoken regularly about his worship of kop legends Kevin Keegan and Steven Gerrard. Liverpool fans even have him to thank for their progression to the Champions League final in 2005: "I suppose the game that rekindles everything was the UEFA Champions League semi-final. That was as exciting a game as I can ever remember. What got me the most about that was Eidur Gudjohnsen had a late shot in front of the goal and I was right in his eye-line. I shouted, 'miss!' and he missed. I think it was all down to me."

Manchester City

Noel Gallagher’s passion for Man City has no limits. When asked to name his favourite player, there was no hesitation from the Oasis songwriter as he named David Silva alongside Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure. He then confirmed he would allow Silva to his wife out for a romantic meal (in a more Noel Gallagher type of way)

Manchester United

The only man to ever achieve the 'double triple' at the Olympic Games, Usain Bolt, has made it onto our list for being an avid Manchester United fan. He has long been trying to convince the public that he will join Manchester United once he retired from athletics. Watching his beloved team is difficult however: 'Manchester United stresses me out every day, even when they win it stresses me out.'


Ant and Dec, the loveable Geordie duo, first bonded over their love of Newcastle United. Imagine, if it wasn't for the Magpies we may have never experienced smash hits such as 'Let’s get ready to Rhumble'. Dec once said 'I always dreamt of being on the back page for being Newcastle's record goalscorer!' Keep dreaming Duncan.


Delia Smith, owner of Norwich City FC, is so passionate about her football club she once boiled over at half time and stormed the pitch in order to urge fans to get behind their struggling team. The phrase 'lets be 'avin you' has since been ingrained in Canaries folklore. If you haven't seen the video, you should.


The award for the most passionate Saints fan has gone to Craig David who is a Southampton man through and through. He once said in an interview: 'Southampton is my home town; I would do anything for this place to keep it moving. If it means I have to walk into Southampton football club and sit down with the players for a pep talk then let's do it. I'm all about Southampton.' Ronald Koeman can sleep easy at night knowing he has Craig David to call on.


But could you do it on a cold, rainy night in stoke? Sugar Ray Leonard could. In 2008, the boxing legend turned up at the Britannia and supposedly gave the Potters a pep talk before the match with Chelsea. If that's not passion then I don't know what is (Admittedly Stoke are thin on the ground when it comes to celebrity support).


Steve Cram, the former 1500m world record holder, has run away with the award for most passionate Sunderland fan. Cram has the north-east in his blood. So much so that when he appeared on celebrity mastermind in 2008, his specialist subject was none other than Sunderland football club.


Swansea native Catherine Zeta-Jones is a huge fan of her home-town club and isn't afraid to show it on the red carpet. When talking about the academy awards in 2013 she said they were "one of the best things to happen today - alongside the Swansea win!' Her love of the Jacks has even rubbed off on her movie star husband, Michael Douglas. He was also revelling in Swansea's Capital One Cup win of 2013 and said 'Swansea won. Very happy about that.'


The award for most passionate spurs fan has surprisingly gone to an American; the 'Man vs Food' star Adam Richman. The avid Tottenham fan was granted the opportunity to visit White Hart Lane in 2012. Holding back the tears he said "It's stupid, I just never thought I'd see it" He described the Lane as "a place I've literally dreamed about playing, dreamed about seeing matches". Anyone who cries over football is worthy of an award.


The most obvious award on the list has gone to musical legend and former Watford chairman, Elton John. In response to the club naming their East Stand in his honour, he said: “This is one of the greatest days of my life. When I was six years old I used to stand over there on the terraces and I never thought I’d have a stand named after me. I never thought I’d sit in a stand". “I love football and I always will. Watford is embedded in my heart," he continued.

West Brom

Frank Skinner has scooped the award for his devotion to the future generation of baggies fans. The comedian recently became a father for the first time and was keen for his son to be born at the same hospital as him, Sandwell General, to ensure he would grow up to support his beloved team. He said, “I actually suggested to my girlfriend that she give birth in Sandwell General, where I was born. Funnily enough, she thought that was a bit much and said I’d got my priorities wrong!”

West Ham

It is no secret that Russell Brand is mad about West Ham. He once encouraged Katy Perry, his then girlfriend, to don West Ham lingerie. However his most famous display of affection was reserved for Sam Allardyce. The comedian interrupted Big Sam's post match interview to plant a kiss on the gaffer's cheek following their memorable 2-1 victory at Upton Park.

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