Dutch Broadcaster Claims THIS Could Be Van Gaal's Man United Team...

Get your United transfer rumour bingo cards ready, lads...
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Dutch Broadcaster Claims THIS Could Be Van Gaal's Man United Team...

Like children with a cheat-code on Football Manager (or certain considerably-bevvied members of ST comment boxes), Dutch broacasters NOS reckon this could be Louis Van Gaal's Man United team next season.

We have reason to be considerably skeptical.

While Shaw has been much mooted for some time, Hummels is one strictly for the fantasy set - practically every club in the world will be clambering over each other to sign the talented, handsome German. A team with a rotten core that just finished in mid-table, albeit with a decent manager, probably won't be his first choice.

Daryl Janmaat, however, might be another that could - theoretically - happen, finally meaning a semi-deserved rest for Rafael, the talented, much-loved right back with a knack for getting very injured a lot of the time. Janmaat's had a killer time at Feyenoord and he'd be just the player United need.

Thomas Müller and Kev Strootman might be pushing it a little far, though - apart from the two being untested in the Premier League, they've both been at teams that have been BRILLIANT in the past twelve months. Müller especially. Why would he leave? Did Pep say something untoward about Mrs. Müller or something?

Anyway, it is fun to look at fantasy XIs. Just don't go taking it as read, is all.


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