Eden Hazard: "When I Wear Sportswear I Am Beautiful"

The most exciting talent to arrive in the Premier League this season talks exclusively about his style both on and off the pitch.
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Chelsea’s commitment to attacking verve was announced this summer when they snapped up one of Europe’s most exciting young players from under the noses of Real Madrid and Manchester City. Whereas some stars take a while to adjust to the hurly burly of the Premier League Eden Hazard has helped lead the Blues assault on the Premier League this season. In his first nine games to date he has racked up five assists, two goals and four man-of-the-match awards – three of which came in his first three games. We've beginning to know what he’s capable of on the pitch but what’s he like off it?

Judging by the transfer nonsense this summer in which he appeared to be leading all the world’s biggest clubs by the nose, you’d presume Hazard would be a high maintenance prima donna but in truth he appeared incredibly laidback and unpretentious. Clearly a man obsessed with football, he talks about his passion for football’s showmen, his budding relationship with Chelsea’s fellow musketeers Oscar and Mata as well as the importance mental strength plays in his game. But Eden also reveals his fun side, joking about his dress sense, his taste in chips and shaving his teammate’s hair very badly. Even if you’re not a Chelsea fan, it’s proving impossible not to rate Hazard.

Topman Generation: We've getting to know what you’re capable of on the pitch but what kind of guy are you off it?
I’m a family man. I like to stay at home or meet up with my friends and cook for them or cook for my family. I’m a really normal guy.

Topman Generation: Do you have any interesting hobbies outside of football?
I like tennis, basketball, a bit of golf sometimes with my friends and a lot of Playstation, nothing particularly special. Like I said......to read more of this interview go to Topman Generation

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