Edinson Cavani To Man United? Sorry Moyes, Never Going To Happen

We understand that you're trying for the big guns, David, but you might want to aim a little bit lower...
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Edinson Cavani To Man United? More Chance Of Hell Freezing Over

Not literally but still, it's looking pretty unlikely.

Manchester United are looking to 'prepare' for Wayne Rooney's 'exit' by presumably begging Paris Saint Germain to let them have the Uruguayan striker, according to The Mirror.

Not content with being laughed out the door in Turin when they supposedly turned up expecting to negotiate a move for Paul Pogba, now they're going after one of the main forwards (a man who has scored twenty in his twenty-nine games so far) at one of the world's richest clubs.

While there may be SLIGHTLY more chance of hell freezing over than the £50million+ rated striker upping sticks and taking to life in the north-west, we'd say it's only about as likely as Kiko Macheda coming back and being the second coming of Eric Cantona.

Sorry, David.


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