Is This Effort From The Indian Super League The Worst Shot Ever?

Bent it like Beckham... kind of.
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New football league’s take time to grow in quality, as we’ve seen in recent years with the slow and steady progress made by the MLS in America and the A-League in Australia.

As supportive as we are with such ventures and the mission to make football a truly global game, we’ve found it impossible to suppress our giggles at a recent snippet of action from the newly-launched Indian Super League.

This ‘shot’ from Atletico de Kolkata’s Baljit Sanhi, is not the sort of thing that’s going to cut it, when you’re trying to convince over a billion people that they should stop mucking about with cricket and watch football instead.

If the Indian Super League is going to succeed then the players are at least going to have to aim their shots forward.


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