El Sackico: Hughes Is Finished If QPR Lose This Weekend

Like George Entwistle at the BBC the authority is draining away from Hughes. If we lose on Saturday, Hughes can hand in his resignation without having to be asked..
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It has always been interesting being a QPR supporter. Pity those poor boring souls condemned to watch their teams win week in week out.

But there are limits to what flesh and blood can stand, how many twists and turns in the soap opera plot that can be endured.

Those who were at the Manchester City game in May will never forget the excitement of that survival by proxy. One QPR supporter who was there still has the score at 90 minutes - Manchester City 1 QPR 2 - for ever on the screen of his mobile phone.

But no-one not owner Tony Fernandes nor manager Mark Hughes less alone any of the QPR supporters imagined for a moment that a home game against Southampton on Saturday when it's only mid-November, could be a season-defining event at least in terms of the survival of a decent manager. By spending more than £20 million on 12 new players they "promised " that QPR would never be in such an end of season mess again.

There is something deeply unpleasant about fans who boo their own team when they are most in need  support and a bit of confidence from somewhere. At West Brom where QPR could have had an unlikely 3-3 draw if the last kick of the game had been on target, some QPR fans joined in the chorus of: "You'll Be Sacked In The Morning" coming from the Baggies.

It is now clear though that there is something badly wrong at QPR. It was crazy to bring in so many new players in the close season even if it is difficult  to argue against the arrival of Caesar, Park or Granero or that Andy Johnson and Bobby Zamora might not have made a decent partnership if Johnson was not out for most of the season through injury.

It is now clear that Hughes may have brought in decent players but he has not managed to create a team and he may now be rueing the absence of his cast- off players such as Tommy Smith  who scored the winner at Everton last season - an away win . Or Heider Helguson, now Smith's partner at Cardiff, who scored  two in another away win last season against Stoke.

QPR has not had another away win since and, as has been well documented, not a single win this season.


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The numbers start to add up and with the best will in the world and despite a fear of merely adding to instability there will come a time - and it may be very soon - when Fernandes will no longer be able to issue the usual generous vote of confidence.

Like George Entwistle at the BBC there will come a time when authority has drained away from Hughes.

At the moment a talented bunch of individuals seem totally unable to defend against set pieces and while creating opportunities are seriously unable to take advantage of them.

The outcome is on a knife-edge. A win on Saturday would boost confidence and help lead the talented bunch of individuals towards better things. I will be behind them and Mark Hughes on Saturday.

But if at 4.50 pm QPR are heading for yet another defeat Hughes may hand in his resignation without having to be asked.

If that happens God knows where QPR is heading next.

At least you can't get lower than bottom of the Premier League until next season.