Embarrassing Arsenal Already Calling Welbz The New Henry

Should've seen it coming, tbf.
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Embarrassing Arsenal Fans Already Calling Welbz The New Henry

Oh, lads.

As if Arsenal weren't already a laughing stock online - a fanbase full of knee-jerk reactionaries, bipolar loyalist/revolutionaries, Nick bloody Hornby and a general gallery of well-off children with lofts in Canonbury - they've decided to take a leap over parody and claiming Danny Welbeck is the second coming of Thierry Henry.

After their calls for Sanchez to be played down the middle were (rightly) ignored at first and then they were (wrongly) given their own way and didn't like that either, you can understand why they'd be happy about the performance of Dat Guy but new Henry? Come on - it's only been one game. Even Bendtner has scored a UCL hattrick before.


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