Etienne Capoue: Spurs Don't Want Him But Man United Definitely Should

Sherwood's looking to get rid and WHL's loss could be desperate Moyes' gain...
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Etienne Capoue: Here's Why The Spurs Man Could Be The Answer To Man United's Problems

What with Man United's midfield issues and spending all of their budget on fuzzy-haired flop Fellaini, they're really desperate for a quality midfielder.

Inexplicably Spurs are looking to off-load the highly-rated middle-man Etienne Capoue, a player who has been unlucky with injuries and the fact that AVB decided to buy three of the same player this summer.

While they might have to pay a premium to sign off of a rival, Capoue would be the perfect man to shore up United's middle-channel, which has had a touch of Blackwall Tunnel about it at times this season.

Comfortable on the ball, powerful in the tackle and with a fantastic engine - there's no doubt he'd definitely be worth anything up to £13million, we'd say.


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