Everton Flog John Stones To Arsenal? F*** Right Off

Why would we sell one of our brightest prospects to a side we took apart just a couple of weeks ago?
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Everton Flog John Stones To Arsenal? F*** Right Off

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Everton. 7 wins on the bounce. Not bad, that.

The first time since April 1987 when we won the league (and the most recent time we managed that feat). That’s not to imply that these last 5 games are a genuine run at the title (we’d get it on loan, anyway), but its nice to dream. 7 wins on the spin is a massive achievement, especially in a manager’s first season, but for some reason it doesn’t feel surprising. If anything, Evertonians feel like it should be more. That’s not a slight on the team, but a tribute to the attitude which Martinez has helped to instil in the club in the short time he’s been here. The new positive outlook has been well documented and is going to be prevalent coming into a tough final 5 games, so I’ll just say this; it feels good being blue.

“Let’s get a singing section, ey… NOT.”

Sunderland looked like they could be a stumbling block. This is the stage of the season when relegation battlers pull wins out of their anus, polish it and throw it on the mantelpiece for the Championship to stare at. However, with the sunken, prophesising eyes of Gus proclaiming a “miracle” was needed, Sunderland had the air of a team already down. After all, the Angel of the North isn’t a real angel, is it? But it seemed the Sunderland players took umbrage with this and weren’t willing to just roll over. In the end, it was a spot of good fortune which won the game (and Wes Brown’s hip) but as they say, “you create your own fortune”. John Stones was fantastic again and rightly won plenty of headlines the next morning. That was great for him; but the Monday headlines were less desired. Saturday was one of those days you didn’t mind wrecking your suede. In fact, big puddles are a right laugh.

So you wake up Monday morning. It’s the start of the week, but you’re at Goodison again on Wednesday for Palace and Sunday for United and you’ve just won another 3 points, leapfrogging Arsenal. Great, until you notice its another game of “which Everton player can we sell?” taking place in the newspapers. This time its John Stones after another fantastic display. The papers were trying to flog him to Arsenal (the same side we took the piss out of the other week). Great to see him getting the plaudits he deserves and all that, but f*** off! Tuesday morning saw the Star trying to sell Barkley to Liverpool. Again, F*** OFF.


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If some chip-paper journos want to stop us loaning players, while others want to stop us owning them, what are we meant to do? On one hand, the media accept that Everton must live within their means – and many applaud them for doing so – which makes for a running auction on any of our in form players. However living within our means and loaning players also means incurring the wrath of Jacamo meffs masquerading as writers (you know who). It seems the only way to prevent this is to live OUTSIDE of our means. Because that went great for Leeds. And Portsmouth. And countless other teams.

No, living inside our means is much preferable. Hearing 'proper' professional journalists compare our loan system to immigration is like a deleted scene from the live DVD of a surrealist stand-up. And at least we get to do more moaning about the media too. I, for one, love a good moan. You’re a liar if you say you don’t. But really, stop selling our players, it’s not nice and you look daft.

Football pales in significance when you compare it to the events which occurred 25 years ago at Hillsborough. All I will say that everyone in the footballing world and beyond has a duty to unite and remember the 96 lives lost, the futures brought to an abrupt close, the children missing parents and the parents missing children, the families decimated and the fight that carries on. This isn’t about football. It’s real life. And justice isn’t far away.

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