Everton: Why Lukaku Would Be A Great Signing... Again

Would a deal for the big Belgian be a belter or would the money be better spent elsewhere?
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Everton: Why Lukaku Would Be A Great Signing... Again

Rumours abound that Romelu Lukaku, the Everton’s loanee star of last season, will sign permanently at the club soon for a fee that, depending on who you ask, seems to range from £18 to £25 million.

With either any of the amounts rumoured being most, if not all, of Everton’s transfer budget there have been some doubts over whether it’s the smartest idea to blow it all on one player. His suspect first touch, and a seeming inability to realise that he isn’t currently good enough to start regularly at a top Champions League club have left some Everton fans, and those of other clubs, thinking that maybe Roberto Martinez may have lost the golden touch in the transfer market. That same golden touch that led to signings such as those of James McCarthy, Gareth Barry, and Lukaku himself last summer. Murmurs have even been going around that maybe the rather less stellar signings of Antolin Alcaraz and Joel Robles are a better example of what to expect from Martinez in the transfer market.

However, this might not be the case. To sign Lukaku, a 21-year-old who has already scored over 30 goals in the last two seasons at Premier League clubs, for a pretty reasonable sum, would be a huge coup for a club such as Everton. It would be a huge statement of intent to the rest of the league, showing that the club are ready to really challenge for the top four, rather than just rely on one-off great season’s such as those last year and in 04/05. Signing one of the best young strikers in Europe, for a club who, lets not forget, ended up 7 points off the top four last season, would completely change the outlook of the team. Would club captain Phil Jagielka be laughing at Lukaku’s intentions on the title after spending over £20 million on that same player?

He also already knows the team and would bypass the settling in time that usually comes when bringing in a new player to a club. He knows Martinez, his jump in to the manager’s arms after scoring in Everton’s victory over Arsenal late last season showing that he has great respect for the manager, if not a knowledge of their size difference. Lastly, he also knows the team and the way they play, so there would be no chance of this being a flop in the Eric Lamela mould.

The size of the fee shouldn’t even be a turn off, with his age meaning that it should easily be recouped should Everton wish to sell him in a few years. If anything, a profit should be able to be made. So Lukaku could be the perfect signing for Everton, propelling them on to new heights. It could even be possibly the best since, well, last summer and James McCarthy.

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