Fan’s Half-Term Report: Chelsea

Just a few short weeks ago, Chelsea looked to have run away with the title, but the departure of Butch Wilkins and some shock results have rocked the Stamford Bridge boat. As they approach the half-way point, here's one fan's reflection on events so far.
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What's going right? - Christ, hardly anything right now, although I think rumours of our demise are just a a teeny bit exaggerated. Despite not winning games we've put in good performances away from home at Newcastle, Birmingham and the second half of the Spurs game without taking our chances. Birmingham in particular was baffling, while the missed penalty at Tottenham was just ugly. Mind you it does have to be said that up until losing at Liverpool we were playing some of the best football I'd ever seen from a Chelsea team, so it's not exactly all bad. Hopefully that handy Champions League draw will stop the bell ends among our support from claiming that there's a UEFA conspiracy against us too.

What's not? - Right now just about everything. The club's insistence on continuing a long/standing tradition of playing out petty back room dramas out in the public domain shows that not everything has changed since Abramovich arrived, and the sooner the rumours about Ancelotti leaving stop the better: we won't get a better man than him, so why not back him? The Man United game being postponed was a pisser as well, as I thought we were sure to give them a lesson. Now we have to go to Arsenal with that confidence booster – and I can't say I'm delighted about the prospect of watching them give us a good going over.

Got the right manager? - I think so, yes. Given that Hiddink was never going to stay and Mourinho was booted out I can't think of anyone who would come to us of the same quality as Ancelotti. I wouldn't be surprised to see him taking the Roma job in the summer though: Ranieri is catching a lot of flack and he is one of the club's legendary Scudetto-winning players. I hope he stays, however.

Mind you it does have to be said that up until losing at Liverpool we were playing some of the best football I'd ever seen from a Chelsea team, so it's not exactly all bad.

Star player? - Up until about two months ago I would have said Florent Malouda without question, but he looks as out of sorts as the rest right now. However I can't really see anyone else challenging him.

Who would you like to sell in January? - We can't really afford to sell to be honest. If we did it would have to be someone who would bring in enough money for reinforcements, as it's clear we won't be seeing any more 2003-style splurges from our owner. As such the only players who would fit the bill would be Michael Essien, Ashley Cole, Malouda and Didier Drogba, and I can't say I'd be particularly happy if even of those three left.

Who do you want to sign? - Well if we're on cloud cuckoo land than Lionel Messi, but in real life another centre back would be nice. I really rate Juan from Roma, who I don't think would be particularly expensive either.

Best chant so far? - I love the bouncy. It might be nicked from Rangers but it's a bloody good laugh, and Lord knows we need a bit more of that in Premier League football.

Biggest **** of the season so far? - Whoever happens to be reffing our matches. Something everyone can relate to, that.

Any other news? - Not really, but could Chelsea take please take a stand (as it were) on the issue of standing at football. It's obvious that fans in the Matthew Harding and Shed ends want to stand and sing, and the Lib Dems have to pushing through motions to allow German-style terracing in grounds. I think it would be much to the club's credit if they were proactive on this issue and introduce similar sections at Stamford Bridge. It would solve the supposed capacity problem too, and mean that we wouldn't need to move from our home. I can't see why we would need a stadium bigger than 50,000 at the stupid prices we charge, in the middle of a massive economic crisis.

End of season prediction? - Had we played and beaten Man United I'd have been bullish and said that we'll win the league, but without that I can't commit to anything more than top three. It does look like United are the team to beat this time out, though, which given the paucity of their squad compared to recent years doesn't reflect very well on us. Arsenal will balls it up, as usual. I hope so, at least.

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