Fans Half-Term Reports: Yeovil Town

Fans of Yeovil Town might not have started the season with particularly high expectations, but sitting as they are at the foot of League 1, things look to be even worse than they had feared. As they approach the half-way point, here's one fan's reflection on events so far.
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What's going right? - Try as I might I really can't think of anything. Clutching at straws I'm really looking forward to seeing my team play a league match at one of the best football grounds in the country Hillsborough when we play Wednesday on December 28th. Knowing our luck this season the weather will mess that up and well up playing them on a Tuesday night in March.

What's Not? - Bottom of the league, threadbare squad patched together with short term loan signings that achieve little. Crowds lowest in years and a derided board that seem determined to alienate yet more supporters by giving some of the clubs land to themselves. They say (only after fans said 'excuse me what are you doing with our football club?') it's too increase potential investment. Yet history at other clubs shows that it usually ends up with someone pocketing the money and the club and it's fans suffer as someone gets a nice pension fund.

Got the right manager? - Heart say yes,  Skivo is rightly considered a legend at the club from his 10 years as a player. Whilst he's having to deal with a woefully low budget thanks to the boards incompetence,  the squad and tactics are his and sadly the head and results says he's no longer the man for the job.

Star player? - Shaun Macdonald now in his 4th loan spell at Swansea is our diamond amongst a lot of rough. But even he'll have to go back soon! Dean Bowditch is a striker who scores goals but I wouldn't bank on him being around after the January transfer window.

Who would you like to sell in January? - To be fair just in terms of numbers we can't afford to get rid of anyone regardless of how bad they are!

I'm still praying that Graham Rix will return to football management one day just so the best chant ever can be sung again "If you tolerate Rix then your children will be next"

Who do you want to sign? - Centre defender Steven Caulker who at 17 spent all last season on loan at us and was by some distance our player of the year. The Spurs defender will play for England one day absolutely no doubt - sadly for us he's earning yet more rave reviews whilst on loan at Bristol City so no chance.

Best chant so far? - Can't remember too many, lower league fans seem to be fairly unoriginal in terms of songs '<insert team name> till I die' etc. I'm still praying that Graham Rix will return to football management one day just so the best chant ever can be sung again "If you tolerate Rix then your children will be next"

Best opposition player/team you've see? - Exeter were very good when they beat us 4-1 at home. Their centre defender Troy Archibald Henville won absolutely everything.

Biggest **** of the season so far? - Anyone connected with Franchise FC is rightly afforded **** status. That said Luke Chadwick is up there for his ridiculous dive to win a late penalty which turned out to be their winner against us.

Any other news? - Even 'other news' has left us with nothing but pain. Former player Adam Stansfield's tragic death to cancer at 31 shocked us all as did the death of popular former manager Colin Lippiatt to the same disease.

End of season prediction? - I can't see anything other than us going down. If we can take the abomination that is Franchise FC down as well with us that will give me and a number of others some small pleasure.

As it's Christmas I'd ask Father Christmas that those in charge go and go now so the fans of YTFC can have their club back. As I've been particularly good this year I'd also ask him to see it that YTFC become a supporters owned club like Exeter and AFC Wimbledon. Sadly I know the fat bastard with a beard and a red suit isn't real.

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