Fergie Details Moyes' Breakdown At Man Utd In New Book

It ain't pretty.
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Fergie Details Moyes' Breakdown At Man Utd In New Book

In an updated version of ol' Bacon Face's new autobiography - called My Autobiography - former Man United patriarch Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that the theory of Moyes inheriting a team in decline is utter b****cks, basically, and that he was experiencing Moyes' breakdown at the club first hand:

The following are excerpts taken from his book, gleaned from the Telegraph:

“As the results deteriorated, each defeat was a hammer blow to him,” wrote Fergie. “I could see that in his demeanour. In January we bought Juan Mata and that gave everyone a lift but I could see the walls squeezing in, leaving David with less and less room to breathe."

"I know that feeling from 1989, when we went through a terrible spell. You feel you are being crushed. The results gnawed away at David. Nobody could dispute how disappointing the season was. And it cost a man his job.”

My Autobiography by Alex Ferguson is available to purchase now


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