FINALLY: Arsenal To Bid £8mil For Celtic Starlet In January

As Jay Kay nearly sung: not signing him would be Virgil Insanity.
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FINALLY: Arsenal To Bid £8mil For Celtic Starlet In January

Arsenal need a centre-back and Celtic have got a good one, left to ruin like a cake in the rain, so why don't they just nick him?

Well, according to reports from everyone including the Scotsman, that's exactly what they're doing. £8million for the 21-year-old Dutch defender sounds like a pretty sweet transfer to us, this kid looks like he's the real deal - he's big, strong, fast and a good ball player.

In short, he'd be perfect, but - in long - Arsene Wenger doesn't really do perfect, does he? When was the last time - save for Debuchy who he simply had no choice but to sign - they signed a player they really needed? Not Özil - they had an in-form Cazorla doing the business. Not Welbeck - Arsene's made it abundantly clear that he had nothing to do with the signing...

Anyone? ANYONE?


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