Man United: Why Van Gaal Should Swerve Vermaelen

I'm begging, for United fan's sake, LVG avoids the Arsenal 'defender'. The bloke, bless him, hasn't had the best of times over the past couple of years...
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Louis van Gaal's arrived at Manchester United and has certainly asserted his authority. It was announced today that he's ordered new signing Luke Shaw to train alone due to lack of fitness. Honest, that.

Away from the pitch, the in-bound transfer activity has been slow. Despite the daily rumours only Ander Herrera, who arrived from Bilbao, joins Shaw as a new recruit at Old Trafford.

Following last season's total f***-up, plus the defensive loss of Ferdinand and Vidic, United will be looking to restore some pride and climb the table - this season without the nuisance that is European football, well, a nuisance for struggling clubs at least.

With just over two weeks until the season begins, LvG needs to take his finger out of his arse and start plugging the gaps David Moyes so impeccably dug and hid inside last campaign, plus the ones left by the departing centre-backs. There's one centre-half that's been consistently linked with teaming up with LvG. Thomas Vermaelen.


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I'm begging, for United fan's sake, LvG avoids the Arsenal 'defender'. The bloke, bless him, hasn't had the best of times over the past couple of years.

He's seen his captaincy stripped from him at club level and seen his chances of regaining that captaincy, or even a starting eleven place made very slim.

Wait, all that because of a few shoddy mistakes that cost his club a few points in the Premier League thus dropping down a few places meaning they didn't have any sort of chance in winning the title for the first time in a shit-tonne of years, you say? Yes, that's exactly why.

When Vermaelen first joined Arsenal all them years ago, he had a certain presence about him - he felt and looked like a leader. Now, if I were a United fan, I'd rather stitch the leader's armband onto the Jonny Evans' sleeve than sign Vermaelen and risk him bringing his box of tricks with him.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan, and nor should you be. There are plenty more fish in the footballing sea and LvG should certainly swim a little deeper before making such a rash, and totally f***ing stupid, decision.

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