Flashback: Watch Arsenal And Galatasaray Fans Fight In 2000

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Flashback: Watch Arsenal And Galatasaray Fans Fight In 2000

Arsenal travel to Istanbul tonight to face Galatasaray in what is a Champions League tie laced with a turbulent history. Even though Arsenal have already qualified for the knockout round, both sets of fans will see the clash as one that hold much more importance than what goes on, on the pitch.

Back in 2000, Arsenal faced Galatasaray in the UEFA Cup Final in Copenhagen. Gala ran out winners, but the real story was the one off the pitch as both sets of fans fought each other. The 'Battle of Copenhagen', as the clash became known, involved four stabbings and was thought to be 'round two' of the fight that saw the killing of two Leeds fans the month before.


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Galatasaray's ultras are notoriously dangerous and their weapon of choice tends to be the extremely sharp knives used for cutting meats and they were put to use  in the morning when the first Arsenal fan was stabbed. This then escalated the fights as members of various hooligan firms from the UK joined together against the Turks as they sought revenge for the Leeds fans.

Here's a video that captures some of the 'battle'…