Footballer Gets Red Card For Taking His Shorts Off And Putting Them On His Head

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Goal celebrations are a thing of beauty, from Hull's Jimmy Bullard mocking Phil Brown's infamous half time team talk on the pitch at the Etihad, to Mario Balotelli's 'why always me' at Old Trafford, there have been some memorable celebrations. 

Then there's the more standard Alan Shearer, hand above the head, running about with a smile on your face for a bit, or Tim Cahill's corner flag boxing routine. The celebration is an act of passion, and sometimes that passion is displayed by a player removing their shirt, perhaps to reveal a message, or just out of pure joy. We're talking Sergio Aguero winning the league in the 95th minute kind of passion, you know.

So this player took that idea, but instead of removing his shirt, decided to remove his shorts, place them on his head, run about for a bit and then get sent off. Yeah. We can't think of many stranger, or funnier for that matter. Have a watch.